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Tips for Managing & Reducing Attorneys’ Fees

Clients often ask at the outset of litigation: about how much is this going to cost?   It is a completely reasonable question, but one that is nearly impossible to effectively answer.

The cost of your case will depend largely on three factors: (a) how much you come in knowing (or not knowing), (b) the complexity of the facts (how many assets are involved and the nature of these assets, whether custody is disputed, whether alimony is involved, etc.), and (c) the reasonableness of the opposing party.  If you are knowledgeable about all of the assets in play and you and your spouse are able to resolve things quickly, by agreement, these are the least costly cases.

However, if you are not knowledgeable about the assets, you will have to do due-diligence to gather that information.  If there are many assets or complex assets, your attorney may have to invest significant time in determining what your rights are.  Even if you are able to do everything else efficiently, if your spouse will not agree to a reasonable settlement and the case goes to litigation, the costs may add up quickly. 

It is difficult to impossible to accurately predict the cost of a case, but here are some tips for avoiding common pitfalls that add cost to a case:

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